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Quack Quack

By April 1, 2018April 24th, 2018Featured

Get your business in order, get your ducks in a row and get them quacking.

Things a CFO will look for:

  1. Clean cost of good sold
  2. Revenue Recognition Methodology
  3. Dunning Process – What, When, Who
  4. Clean Clean Books and Process to Keep it that way
  5. Cash Flow analysis / Weekly Review regardless of business health
  6. Budget vs. Forecast vs. Actual – EOM/EOQ
  7. Cost of Sales – as a % with the plan to spend more on activities that generate ROI

If you don’t have these, get them; the reason CFO looks for these things is that they help a business grow from a position of stability, not because they are ‘fun’ or the CFO is a control freak; they work, do them.